Wear Silver Jewelry like Leonardo DiCaprio

Now everyone is joking about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar Goldman, FINALLY.

But you know what, maybe it is SILVER that he truly loves.

Looking back at the pictures of him all those years, sterling silver jewelry has always been an indispensable part of this super star, even from his adolescent years.

Silver Cross Necklace

With a simple cross pendant hanging from his neck, young Leonardo reveals an irresistible careless confidence, and sex appeal, too.

 Punk Style Pendant Necklace

Can you imagine a sexier outfit than this, topless with only a punk style pendant necklace? No women could wait to explore the inner power of you.

Masculine Sterling Silver Chain

Sometimes a silver chain is enough, chunky, heavy, and has a worn-in touch. It tells stories belonging to a man, silently, and makes you want to listen with your heart.

Long Pendant Necklace

Wanna show off your chest hair with 3+ shirt buttons undone? A long pendant necklace is indispensable. It will make you feel more confident and self-conscious and, yeah, sexy to death.

Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet

Whatever age you are, a heavy silver bracelet will always make an expression of success, independent and rebellious spirit of you. And it will go even better with a tattooed forearm.

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