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Want To Enhance The Lifespan Of Sterling Silver Chain? Check Out The Care Tips

Want To Enhance The Lifespan Of Sterling Silver Chain? Check Out The Care Tips

Posted By: Jewelry1000 Published: 07/02/2024 Times Read: 967 Comments: 0

If you are fascinated by silver chain collections, especially the ones made from sterling silver, you must know about the care tips. Every man wants their unique jewelry pieces to last longer; this is why they go for the durable choice. No doubt that the men's sterling silver chain collection from Jewelry1000 will be your long-lasting and durable purchase. However, there are some essential care tips that have to be practised from the buyer’s end. So, if you have recently made a purchase or are planning to purchase a sterling silver chain, here is a detailed, caring tip in the following section. 

Essential Care Tips For Sterling Silver Chain 

Basically, sterling silver has a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years only if the owner practices to care well. Also, the men's sterling silver chain can be your lifetime memorable jewelry if you give it proper care on a regular basis. 

Being made of 92.5% silver, it requires special care. Buying from Jewelry1000, you will get care instructions available on the product’s page. However, there are some additional tips to be aware of when you own any sterling silver jewelry. No one wants their luxury jewelry to wear out in a shorter time period, especially when you have invested a pretty good amount in it. So, let’s check the care tips in detail.

Prefer to Wear Your Sterling Silver Chain Often

Are you worried about your sterling silver chain dulling out? Then, you must wear it often, like regularly. You might be a bit confused, but it is a fact. The human body has natural oils that will maintain the lustrous properties of the material. So, the more often you wear the men's sterling silver chain, the more it will look.

Remember that simply leaving your chain in your drawer or box will make the colour quickly duller. When the material remains inside the box for a longer time, the copper will start oxidising. So, practice wearing your jewelry often. 

Prefer Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry in An Airtight Container  

You must know that silver can tarnish and oxidise. The main culprit of oxidation is the air around us. If you prefer storing your jewelry in a space like storing it in a bowl or hanging it, it will oxidise and tarnish easily. As it gets exposed to air that contains oxygen, it will degrade the material quality in less time. So, make sure to store your sterling silver chain in an air-tight container. It will further prevent constant exposure to air. When you buy the silver chain from Jewelry1000, you will get an air-tight box to safely store it. 

Store Your Sterling Silver Jewelry In A Cooler Place 

When you store jewelry in a hot place, it will negatively affect the material quality. It will overheat the men's sterling silver chain and degrade its lifespan. Therefore, you have to keep the jewelry in a dark and cool place. This practice will minimise the heat exposure and amount of light in the jewelry. It will enhance your lifespan, and you can wear it for a longer time. 

Buy Anti-Tarnish Strips

You can add an extra layer of protection to your silver chain by investing in anti-tarnish strips. All you need to do is store them with your chain. All you have to do is store these with your jewelry. The anti-tarnishing strips will slow down the tarnishing process of silver. It will keep your chain looking brand new for a longer time. Overall, it will safeguard the men's sterling silver chain

Put The Jewelry On The Last

If you want to take extra care of your sterling silver chain, you need to make sure you wear the jewelry last. That means you should wear your jewelry, perfumes, makeup, lotions, and everything else behind your clothes.  If you spray perfume on your chest while wearing a silver necklace, you risk hastening the tarnish process. So, avoid contact with sprays, creams, and other make-ups with your silver chain.  

Final Thoughts

The above are the essential care tips to keep in mind if you want to purchase a sterling silver chain. Carefully follow the storage, wearing, and cleaning instructions before making the purchase. At Jewelry1000, you will get sterling silver chains that are crafted to elevate masculinity, available in different lengths. Make a quality purchase today!

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