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How to Clean and Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Clean and Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Although sterling silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry, it has a natural defect: tarnish easily. When contacts with oxygen or sulfur, the surface of sterling silver will oxide and appear dirty and discolored.

The best way to avoid tarnish is wearing your sterling silver jewelry often. Friction with your skin and clothes helps to keep it shining, if only keep it from household chemicals. If tarnish has already built up on your silver jewelry, don't worry, regular cleaning will get it bright again.

People use silver cleaners washing their tarnished silver jewelry only to find it tarnishing much more quickly after a temporary shine. That's because the silver cleaners can actually remove the anti-tarnish coating and break down the surface.

In fact, there are several simple methods that can help you clean your sterling silver jewelry easily.

1) Dishwashing soap. Dip your silver jewelry in warm water with mild dishwashing soap for a while, and then polish with a soft cloth.

2) White toothpaste. Use a soft cloth to apply some toothpaste to the silver jewelry and polish, then rinse it with running water and dry with a clean cloth.

3) Baking soda. For deeper tarnishes, make a baking soda and water paste. Work the paste into the tarnished surface with a soft cloth. Keep rubbing until the tarnish has cleared away. Rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

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