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How Much Does Sterling Silver Jewelry Worth

How Much Does Sterling Silver Jewelry Worth

Posted By: Jewelry1000 Published: 01/05/2019 Times Read: 4930 Comments: 0

People often complain about the fake sterling silver jewelry they bought online. It is true that judging an item is sterling or not only by images is kinda difficult for customers. But if the price is unreasonably low and it is shipped free from overseas, it is not sterling silver for sure.

Well then, how much is sterling silver jewelry worth? The price of a sterling item may contain three parts:

1. Raw Material

The worth of sterling silver is relative to the silver spot price.

Current silver spot price is $14.7 per Ounce, or $0.47 per Gram.

When you see a bracelet weigh 10 g sold at $2, don't be taken in!

2. Design and Making

A lovely and exquisite sterling silver item costs a lot of design efforts and handcrafts. When purchasing sterling silver jewelry you are paying for the craftsmanship and beauty of the piece; not the value according to the its weight.

3. Brand Value

A simple Tiffany sterling silver item may cost hundreds of dollars. Yes, you are paying not only for the jewelry, but the amazing special feeling that comes with the brand. Just enjoy it!

At Jewelry1000 we sell sterling silver jewelry comes directly from the factories. The prices contain raw material, design and making. You don't have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for brand value, but you can still own an everlasting piece that made of genuine sterling silver with very unique design!

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